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  • INTERVIEW 25/10/2016

    Brazilian character artist Marcelo Pinheiro discusses his artistic goals, inspirations, and workflow, while sharing work from his portfolio...

    NEW ISSUE! 25/10/2016

    2dartist issue 130 is available now! Featuring tutorials, inspiration and interviews with Rocksteady’s Richard Anderson and senior game artist Brad Wright!

    FREE TUTORIAL 25/10/2016

    Check out Paul Hatton's 10-part video tutorial series for the great post-production software, After Effects - covering all the bases you need to know to get started...

    FREE TUTORIAL 24/10/2016

    Lighting and texture artist Danilo Lombardo, explains how he creates his Voodoo Kitchen image in 3ds max and ZBrush...

    INTERVIEW 21/10/2016

    Polish 3D modeler Dawid Cencora talks about creating overweight superheroes using ZBrush, and shares work from his portfolio...

  • FREE TUTORIAL 20/10/2016

    In part two of the Know the Basics: Maya 2017 series, Paul Hatton explores the viewports and navigation...

    TOP TIPS 20/10/2016

    Gina Nelson and Daniel Bloecher share some top Photoshop tips, while Andrei Lazar shares a video tutorial for dealing with V-Ray's lightmeter...

    INTERVIEW 19/10/2016

    3D artist and student Piotr Bieryt shares some work from his portfolio, and reveals his Blender methods for his recent gallery entry "IS-2 1944 Heavy Tank"...

    FREE TUTORIAL 19/10/2016

    Check out Rob Redman's 19-part video tutorial series for the free game creation software, Unreal Engine - helping you create a level from start to finish...

    SHOP OFFER 19/10/2016

    Halloween price slash! Practice creating your own creepy characters with spooky savings on selected products...

  • INTERVIEW 18/10/2016

    Versatile freelance 3D artist, Daniel Bloecher, shares some portfolio work and discusses his working preferences...

    FEATURE 17/10/2016

    Learn valuable career advice from 3D sculptor and trainer Glen Southern

    COMPETITION 14/10/2016

    Check out September's top gallery picks, including Mohammed Hoque's "Warground" and Ray Thuc Le's "Re-imagined Ellie"...

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/10/2016

    Just learning Maya 2017? Acquire a better knowledge of the basics with Paul Hatton. In part one, get to grips with the interface...

    INTERVIEW 13/10/2016

    Look dev and texture artist Vincent Tonelli discusses his latest gallery entries created with Maya, and his inspirations and plans for the future...

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

25th October 2016

EA have released these four teasers for Battlefield 1.

25th October 2016

Two new trailers are out for Endless Space 2.

25th October 2016

Dreamworks have released a new clip from the Trolls animated feature.

23rd October 2016

Reflexion is an animated short created by Planktoon.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

25th October 2016

Take a look at Chaos Group's VRScans library.

24th October 2016

Engine House are offering some of their practical ink transition effects for free, along with a blog on how they were created.

24th October 2016

CGTrader are back with a new furniture-set challenge, running until December 19th..

24th October 2016

The Foundry have released MODO 10.2. See what's new in the latest version, here.

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